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We are Nitchen Inc.  Nitchen means Our Children in the Lenni Lenape language who are the Indigenous people that live/lived in the area we call Manhattan.

Nitchen Inc. is an Indigenous operated and community based, 501C- 3 non-profit corporation founded in 1994.  We improve the lives of NYC American Indian/Indigenous/First Nations children and youth by helping them develop into productive, dynamic and well adjusted citizens.  We foster intercultural understanding and cooperation/collaboration between Indigenous peoples and non-Natives; we heal racism by providing accurate historical, cultural and contemporary programming; we teach both non-Native and Native participants healthy life ways by using Indigenous practices.  Our projects include:

Children’s Cultural Center of Native America (CCCONA):  An exciting interactive program for schools and youth groups that augments curriculum about Indigenous peoples of the Americas with a focus on New York State Indian Nations.  CCCONA seeks to counter negative stereotypes and racism about Native peoples in schools-age children. CCCONA is a very popular program offered to schools within the NYC area.  Our CCCONA program helps to enhance the Native American social studies curriculum established in the NYC school system by the DOE.  

Cultural Connections: A cadre of educators, consultants, artists, dancers, singers, and poets is available for seminars, classes, performances, presentations, curriculum development and direction on cultural accuracy, interpretation and fairness.

We have a culturally-accurate, child friendly gift shop.

We take DOE (Department of Education) Vouchers in the Spring.


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